100 Corporate Wellness Ideas to Help Your Employees Give 100% – Part 1

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John F Kennedy famously said, “Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.” However, when it comes to companies, prospective hires and current employees are going to demand a solid employee wellness strategy, or they’ll find another company that does it better.

When your employees are healthy and satisfied, they are able to contribute productively and enthusiastically. On the flip side, if they’re not, you’ll have to bear the financial cost of their medical leave, low productivity, and even absenteeism.

We’ve compiled 100 corporate wellness ideas that will help your employees give 100% – because you helped them feel 100%. Take your pick!

A. Perks for physical health

1. Healthy meals

Help your employees eat healthy on a daily basis. Compile a cookbook with tried-and-tested employee favourites. Minimal effort homemade meals are a great alternative for fast food. In the office pantry, invest in a fridge and microwave so employees can bring their own food, which is usually healthier (and cheaper) than eating out.


2. Healthy snacks

Since snacks usually come in small portions, we can be fooled into underestimating their damage. On the other hand, healthy snacks have all the right nutrients to boost your mental and physical capacity. Boxgreen offers a one-stop pantry management service, delivering pantry solutions regardless of your team size, budget, and dietary requirements. Our offerings include nuts and granolas, fresh fruits, cold-pressed juices and teas, as well as vending machine options. Sign up here!

3. Healthy breakfasts

A good breakfast improves energy levels and sets the tone for the whole day ahead. Supply breakfast foods like whole grain bread and granolas, which are tasty and nutritious. Employees are likely to come in early if they can eat in the office. It also gives them a chance to catch up with each other and get into the right frame of mind to work.

4. Order in lunch

If your team is sprinting towards a major deadline…or if it’s too hot or too rainy to walk to lunch, consider getting lunch delivered to the office. Make sure to choose healthy options like salads and wraps, and use some of the company budget to cover the delivery cost or even the entire meal.

5. Company water bottles

Combine environmental sustainability with company pride, and encourage your employees to drink more water. Invite employees to contribute a design, and pick one or a few to produce (depending on your company size). You can choose from many types of bottles, including notebook bottles, thermoses, and fruit infusing bottles.

6. Coffee machine

No more coffee pots and sachets of instant coffee! Bring a touch of luxury to the office pantry by purchasing a capsule coffee machine. Your employees will definitely appreciate the quality coffee and the novelty of the whole experience.

7. Smoothies

Have a selection of fruits in the office pantry (as well as a blender and ice cream/yoghurt), so employees can make smoothies. Smoothies are a lot healthier than commercial fruit juices, but can still provide some much-needed sugar and refreshment.

8. Dairy alternatives

Make your office pantry inclusive to people who cannot or choose not to consume dairy. Dairy-free products still taste great and can even have a lower carbon footprint! In general, we recommend consulting your employees to get a sense of their food allergies and preferred diets.



9. Ergonomics

Proper workspace design will prevent problems like deteriorating eyesight and pain in the upper body. Laptops and unadjustable chairs will perpetuate poor posture, so avoid using them for extended periods of time. Ideally, company computers should have separate screens and keyboards, and tables and chairs should be comfortable for employees of varying heights.

10. Standing or walking desks

Research shows that sitting down for long hours can literally kill you, even if you exercise regularly. While standing (statically) for long hours isn’t great either, having non-assigned standing or walking desks in the office provide variable options for employees.

11. Free or subsidised fitness opportunities

Offering gym memberships and yoga classes (among others) at low prices will definitely be appreciated and utilised by employees. Corporate rates are likely to be attractive for you and your budget, and employees will be more energetic and sick less often too.

12. Workout passes

Allow your employees an hour (or two) per week out of working hours to get their fit on. They can choose to work out in the morning, evening, or even during their lunch break! Give them the autonomy to plan their workouts to break the monotony of a slow work day and take advantage of the off-peak timings to beat the crowds.

13. Facilities

If you want to encourage higher levels of physical activity in the workplace, you’ll need to provide facilities for employees to freshen up. This means adding shower spaces, and possibly even providing toiletries.

14. Sponsored run-walk

Gather the whole team and participate in a charity run-walk! Not only will everyone get the chance to exercise together, but it’s also for a good cause. If the whole team isn’t keen to participate, sponsor those who are willing, and the rest can still cheer them on from the sidelines.



15. Subsidise wearables

One of the most important aspects of fitness is tracking your progress. Owning professional wearable technology can motivate employees to meet their daily and weekly goals in terms of step count, active minutes, and even consumption of food and water. Platforms like FitBit also allow users to compete with each other, which is a great non-work space for healthy competition.

16. Support quitting smoking

Employees spend long hours at the office, and it’s tempting to use breaks to smoke. Reduce or remove the social smoking culture, and reward those who are making the attempt to go smoke-free. The Ministry of Health has resources on how to quit effectively and how to help those around you.

17. Health screening and planning

Most people don’t go for regular health screening because it’s inconvenient or they don’t think they need it. Designate one day and provide health screening in the office for all your employees. It would be helpful to follow it up by engaging a professional to help your employees plan their diet and exercise routines.

18. Health fair

Even if your budget is too tight to sponsor and subsidise, there’s no excuse not to host a fair. Invite several health product and service providers to set up booths in or near your office and give your employees some time off to visit. Your employees will enjoy the convenience…and maybe even some special corporate discounts. Bonus points if you support some local businesses!


B. Perks for mental health

19. Interactive games

Let your employees blow off steam throughout the day and week! Even if your budget can’t accommodate a foosball, pool, and table tennis, it’s really cheap to stock the office with small doses of fun: hula hoops, wall-hanging magnetic dartboards, basketballs, and soccer balls, among others.

20. Trampoline

Everyone loves a trampoline. Inject fun into the workday and rejuvenate your employees with some classic, simple childhood fun. The novelty will give everyone an energy boost and improve morale.



21. “No Work Allowed” lounge

You can use existing spaces like the pantry or games room; all you need to do is ban all work-related talk in that area. This creates a safe space, where any employee who is stressed and depressed can decompress, until they feel up to doing their best work again.

22. Midday movie

Having a slow day or slow week? Gather all your employees and head to the nearest cinema for an impromptu movie break in the middle of the day. The theatres are likely to be empty, and you might even get some off-peak and corporate discounts. If your employees love this idea, schedule it monthly!

23. Employee discount

If you haven’t already done so, implement a company-wide policy that gives employees a discount on your own products and services. This shows your commitment to your employees as well as confidence in what you do. Employees who are satisfied with their benefits and your company are likely to refer your brand to fellow consumers and potential hires.

24. Promote laughter

Bring comedy to the office. You can provide tickets to a comedy show, screen comedy specials on Netflix for the whole office on a Friday evening, or even invite your employees to crack some jokes of their own! Laughter really is the best medicine, with tangible benefits for mental and physical health.

25. Promote culture

For the more highbrow folks in your team, give them tickets to arts performances and events. Bonus points for supporting the local arts scene!

26. Freebies

If you can offer a unique and desirable basket of freebies, you’ll attract and retain top talent, and they’ll be more loyal and committed to the company. Some cool things you can offer include Netflix subscriptions, childcare, and private transportation to and from the office (this can be a shuttle service if your team is big, or a system where they can claim their expenses).

27. Spa

The ultimate relaxing experience is the spa. From massages to facials to mani-pedis, there are many ways to pamper your employees. Especially for the front line staff who interact with customers daily, it can be really beneficial for them to look and feel their best. Send your male employees as well as your female employees!

28. Company merch

Having a company T-shirt is a great start, but there are many more items you can distribute to your employees. Wearables like hats and jackets can be used with any outfit, during the work week or on weekends. It’s also a good practice to give employees items that are usually given to customers and clients, like thumbdrives and mugs.

29. Subsidise ongoing education

There are many government-subsidised programmes for further education available in Singapore today. It won’t cost you much to send your employees for such courses. In return, they’ll get a skills and knowledge upgrade to better cope with the modern business demands.

Lunch and learn.jpg

30. Lunch and learns

These are a great opportunity for management to share their knowledge with the rest of the company. However, even the more junior team members have something to share, whether it’s work-related or not. It’s a nice break in the monotony of the work day, but doesn’t actually cut into office hours.

31. Finance basics

It’s important for people to know how to save, invest, and budget, especially if they are just entering the workforce, about to start a family, or retire. Employees of all ages would appreciate the introduction to finance or a refresher, and it’s a good opportunity for intra-team sharing and learning.

32. Profiling

Make employees aware of their personalities and working styles with a wide range of profiling tools. This also helps teams understand each other better and create strategies to maximise cooperation.

33. Employee referral

Your top performers are likely to know and recognise other capable individuals. Take on board their referees and offer them a commission if the new hires last and perform well for six months or a year.

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