$128 juice cleanse vs. $2.50 normal juice, is it worth it?

Your energy levels are low, you feel super unhealthy and you feel like now is THE time to make a change! So you google juice cleanses and start to wonder if the hefty price tag is really worth it. Sounds familiar? Hold your purchase! Before you spend a bomb on juices, this will help you decide if it’s worth… ummm like 50 cents per sip.


What is a juice cleanse?


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Juice cleanses often come in 1 – 5 day packages, during which you’re NOT allowed to have anything but juice. Yikes… It’s often overhyped by juice companies and as seen on many juice cleanse packages, they’re ‘designed to invigorate your system, facilitate a detox’, ‘get rid of the toxins within your gut’, and the list of fancy healthy description goes on.


Should I go on a juice cleanse?

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If you want to eat healthy forever from the day you start your juice cleanse, then maybe it’s worth a shot. Otherwise, the benefits of the nutrients and all the good stuff that juice cleanse companies promise you will be gone with the wind.


Do juice cleanses work?

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There are no proven scientific benefits of going on a juice cleanse as it’s not enough to sustain your daily nutrient needs as there’s little to no protein, calcium, healthy fats and it’s way too low in calories. Plus experts have said that it does NOT rid your body of so-called ‘toxins’.

But wait, if you have or know someone who said it was so awesomely beneficial, they’re not exactly wrong. The weight you’ll lose is water weight (which you’ll gain back eventually) and the refreshed feeling is from switching from processed fried food to juices (which you can achieve from eating healthy). Keeping it up in the long run will be dangerous for your body.


$128 vs. $2.50, why the difference?


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We’re comparing $128 for 6 bottles of juices ($21 per bottle), against $2.50 juice from the regular juice shop. With the hefty price tag, you’re paying for the rental, labour costs, fruits, plastic bottle, packaging design, cost of running and setting up the website, marketing and advertorial, cold pressed juicer, the atas feels, and delivery fee.

As for the $2.50 juice (the ones you find in food courts etc.), you’re only paying for the labour, fruits, rental, juicer and probably SKP plastic cups.


Is it worth it?


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Nope, there is truly not much difference between these juices and those you see at the kopitiam – both are almost equally tasty and nutritious.

But to be fair, there is not much difference between restaurant hokkien mee and hawker hokkien mee, or between a branded wallet and a non-branded one either. The main distinctions are in the recipe, quality, design, convenience and additional values not seen in the product itself. With that said, $21 still seem to be quite a far fetch — you can easily find branded, quality fruit juices with gorgeous designs at lower prices. So, unless you love their juice recipe so much that it’s simply irreplaceable, we would say get your juice from anywhere else cheaper.


Eat more fruits!!!


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Whole fruits over juices any time!!! With juices, you won’t get as much fibre as the pulp is often removed. You’ll also feel much fuller having an apple instead of an apple juice.

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