recipe: 15 Minutes Salad Jar


Leah’s healthy tips : Sweet potatoes are a better choice than potatoes as it’s lower in calories and a lot higher in vitamin A! (good for the eyes). Go for the purple or red sweet potatoes as they contain more antioxidants.


Are you looking for something easy and nutritious to take to work but find cooking a hassle? Behold the mason jar salad! Try this low calorie, 15 minute salad the next time you’re feeling lazy.

Easy Tropical Sweet Potato Salad With Light Lemony Dressing

Prep time: 15 minutes

Serves 2 meals



1 medium sweet potato

1 carrot

1 small red capsicum

A handful of corn

A handful of cabbage leaves

1 pack cranberry monkey from BoxGreen



Combine 1 teaspoon olive oil with a squeeze of lemon.



  1. Cut sweet potatoes and carrots into cubes. Toss into a pot with corns and boil.
  2. With the cabbage leaves as the base, start stacking up the vegetables!
  3. Sprinkle with cranberry monkey and salad dressing.


Other ways you can enjoy it

If you like a flavoured dressing, add the dressing in first so that it mixes well with the greens.


Leah’s healthy tips

Reduced fat cream cheese is a great alternative to regular cream cheese as it’s 40% lower in calories.


Did you know?

Mason jar was named after a man called John Landis Mason in 1858. It was originally intended as a way to preserve summer food at home for use when food is scarce during winter.


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