recipe: Superfood breakfast in 5 minutes

I have absolutely no time to prepare a nice breakfast spread (the snooze button is my best friend), so usually I settle for plain bread or sometimes the butter sugar rolls from Sunshine.

1 slice bread

Yeah I know, even looking at it is enough to make me feel bored. Plus, the problem is, I ALWAYS feel hungry around 11.30am, so I thought, hey, there should be something that will fill me up till lunchtime right? What could I prepare at work in 5 minutes?

Behold… Leah’s really easy yogurt superfood breakfast!

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Why this name, you may ask? That’s because I’ve tried a couple of yogurt combinations and this by far has been the one that keeps me feeling satisfied till 1pm (because it’s pretty high in protein and fiber). Try it, you’d be surprised.


1/2 packet of matcha granola

1 packet of quirky quinoa puffs

1 tablespoon of chia seeds

Greek yogurt


If you want an aesthetically pleasing picture for Instagram, add the yogurt first followed by the rest of the ingredients. Mix it up and mmmm, savour it.


Add some blueberries, fruits, or a sprinkle of cinnamon powder to make it sweeter without adding sugar. But y’know, to each their own, you might like these other yogurt combinations instead. Happy yogurt-ing!

Featuring snacks from: BoxGreen 

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