8 healthy on-the-go snacks to keep in your bag

We foodies will understand the need to have food with us all the time. To be fair, we are just being really prepared for unforeseen situations – the morning rush, work meetings that extend into lunch time, sudden hunger pangs, et cetera.

Keeping on-the-go snacks in your bag is the best way to stay well fuelled and boost your nutrition level for the day. However, not many people know what on-the-go snacks to bring, and how to bring them.

Here’s an important tip for you: portion the snacks out into small bags in advance and leave them at an accessible spot at home. Throw a few packets into your bag before heading out and never worry about going hungry ever again.

Wondering what types of snacks are perfect for on-the-go consumption? Here’s the list for you:

  1. Hard-boiled Egg
    Eggs contain plenty proteins and it probably only takes 5 minutes to prepare. Pop one into a zip lock bag, and you’re good to go!
  2. Nuts
    If you do not already know, nuts offer various health benefits. Not to mention, it is very easy to eat on-the-go and leave no mess or crumbs!
  3. Raw Baby Spinach
    Top it off with some dried cranberries or dressing if you’d like, but it’s already yummy and full of nutrients by its own.
  4. Cereal
    Cereal is typically a low-fat, nutrient-dense food with many essential vitamins and minerals. Eat them alone or steal some milk from your office pantry (extra yums and nutrients!).
  5. Dark chocolate
    Having a bad day? You will get the mood and energy boost from a bar of dark chocolate.
  6. Fruit
    Fruit like apples, pears and oranges don’t spoil easily, so you can toss in your bag or leave them at your office desk for a few days. On average, An apple has about 100 calories (100 for pear and 65 for an orange), and is packed with lots of fiber and essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.
  7. Granola Bars
    Grab a handful of these the next time you’re doing your grocery shopping. Satisfy your cravings with these bars of goodness that comes in plenty of variety and flavours! The best part? They usually already come in packets so you don’t even have to pack them.
  8. Dried fruits & veggies
    In dehydrating the fruit, it can cause some nutrients to become more concentrated! Just be careful of  how much you eat as dried fruits are a fraction of the size of fresh fruits, but they do contain the same amount of calories and sugar.

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snacks to keep in your bag

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