Step by step 30 day post CNY fitness & diet challenge

New year, new challenges, and a brand new you!!! (or is that what we say every time?) If that’s the case, let’s just try ONE 30 day challenge and if you really don’t like it, you don’t have to continue it. Either way, you know you’ll feel more energised and you’ll also get a fitter body! So grab your trusty gym bud, a Spotify playlist (the motivation mix playlist is really good), shoes and get pumpin’ 😉


Step 1: Set mini goals

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Set two goals before beginning your 30 day journey. Firstly, what do you want to achieve by the end of the month? e.g. be able to run 5km comfortably. On top of that, make sure you set weekly mini goals, like the days you will be working out instead of saying you want to lose 1kg a week. Ensure that your goals are all SPECIFIC and REALISTIC.


Step 2: Workout plan

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Commit to working out four times a week and try to put a rest day in between each day. The workouts will only take 30 minutes a day so no excuses! (aim for 300 minutes of activity a week). Do each type of exercise for 15 times and repeat it again. On your rest days, go for a 30 minute stroll or fast walk too. If you need a visual guide of the exercises, Pinterest and YouTube are awesome resources!


Step 3: Food plan


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Small meals are the way to go! Have lots of veggies and protein throughout the day and snack on healthy snacks that help boost your metabolism like nuts and fresh fruits. The occasional chocolate is okay, just not too much (portion control is key). These options are great and filled with lots of protein, fibre, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals to keep you energised. But if this plan is a little hard to follow, you’ll find this Singapore based meal plan more suitable.



Weekly guide


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Week 1

  1.  Set your mini goal (e.g. workout on Mon, Wed, Fri, or go for a 15 minute walk after dinner)
  2. Start the exercises and repeat it once. If it’s too hard, you could complete one set of it
  3. Try to follow the meal plans as closely as possible.

Week 2

  1.  Set your mini goal (e.g. walk for 20 minutes daily)
  2. Complete 2 – 3 sets of core and resistance circuits.
  3. Try to follow the meal plans as closely as possible.

Week 3

  1.  Set your mini goal (e.g. increase exercise intensity to 20 reps)
  2. Complete 3 sets of core and resistance circuits
  3. Try to follow the meal plans as closely as possible.

Week 4 (you made it!!!)

  1.  Set your mini goal
  2. Complete 3 – 4 sets of core and resistance circuits.
  3. Try to follow the meal plans as closely as possible.


If the going gets too tough, maybe this guide would be better for you!

Ultimate 30 day beginner’s guide to fitness


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It’s a free one month course with videos and list of foods and exercises you can follow. Try it here


BUT… if all else fails and you’re like SCREW THE CHALLENGES


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This might help. And this success story of a woman who lost 60kg.


and if that fails too… this is your last resort



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