boxgreen and Acai by Selva had come together to make the most effortless and perfect acai bowl! Watch the video to see how easy it is to make your own. ?

We’re great fans of acai bowls, but honestly, who isn’t? It’s jam packed with acai berries, comes in a pretty shade of purple and is also extremely good for you! In fact, Acai is so nutritious, it is qualified as a superfood. As if that is not enough, acai bowls are often topped with fruits and other goodness, adding to it’s nutrition value and appeal. #foodgoals


Ingredients used in the video:

Passionfruit (1 half)
Awesome Apple Crisps
Quirky Quinoa Puffs & Friends
Cranberry Fusion
Strawberry (4 halves)
Or you can choose your own toppings here — click to see all snacks!

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