The best and worst time to snack

Snacking is a bad habit, true or false?

Of course it’s not true! Contrary to popular belief, you are encouraged to snack as part of your healthy diet as it helps curb cravings and manage hunger. But you would have to be mindful about when and what you eat because a huge bag of chips at midnight is definitely not a good idea 😉


Best time to snack….

1. In the morning

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According to the scientists, skipping breakfast may make you hungrier and more likely to eat larger meals, which leads to a surge in blood sugar! Futhermore, the earlier we eat, the more time we have to burn those energy! These hassle free low calories snacks are great to make for a workday.

2. Every 4 hours


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Did you know? You should enjoy a small meal every four hours. If our stomach goes without food for more than four hours, our metabolism and blood sugar drop! Not to forget that if one waits too long to eat, he will be so hungry that he actually risks overeating!  Hence, it is actually good practice to make sure you always have healthy snacks on hand.

3. After intense workout


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It’s important to replenish your body with carbohydrate and protein after a long, intense workout that lasts more than an hour.

4. During work

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Next time you are feeling sluggish at work, try munching on healthy snacks to curb your distracting hunger or for a mental pick-me-up. They can help enhance concentration, memory, and focus! Here are some useful tips on how to snack smartly at work so that you won’t put on the weight.

5. Before going out to eat (if you’re starving)

Eating outside can limit your choices to eat healthier, and make it harder for you to resist other food temptations. That’s why we encourage people to nosh before heading out for a hearty meal! Remember: when you’re hungry, you make bad food choices. Take some handy dandy small packs of healthy snacks out with you the next time. Try not to be starving when you are about to have dinner as you’ll likely eat more.

Worst time to snack…

1. Mid morning

midmorning snack

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A recent study from The Journal of the American Dietetic Association found that people who snack between breakfast and lunch also tend to snack later in the day, which means more calories added up. In the end, morning snackers lost 4% less weight in a year than those who skipped mid-morning snack. So it’s definitely advised to refrain eating anything within four hours after you had your breaky!

2. Before going to bed

Well… your food does not immediately “turn into fats” when you sleep, in fact, having a small snack like strawberries before bed is completely fine. But if you have a bad late night snacking habit, that’s a big no-no! Studies have shown that people tend to be less mindful about what they choose to eat late night and tend to binge.

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