boxgreen launches new line of snacks — Granola Squares!

Call us squares but we like to keep things simple.

When we were thinking of creating our own granola squares, we only wanted it to be all natural ingredients, with no artificial flavourings or colours. We believe that the natural ingredients is what will give the granola squares their amazing taste and nutrition value.

After endless rounds of experimentations and fine alterations, our first batch of delicious and handy granola squares are finally ready to meet the world! And they came with a mission — to be your lifeline on a hectic day or that energy boost for an epic hike.

To see how we make these wholesome granola squares, watch this video:

Are you hungry yet? That’s not all!

boxgreen granola squares come in three fantastic flavours: Choc Chunk Peanut, Honey Apricot and Kaya Butter.


1. Choc Chunk Peanut Granola Square

choc chunk peanut granola square

Whether you’re going for an epic hike or getting through a bout of Monday blues, this action-packed square might just be what you need. Made all natural by first roasting Australian whole grain rolled oats, sliced almonds and grounded peanuts, and then combined with creamy nut butter, dark chocolate chips, and honey to achieve a delightfully chewy texture. You’ll feel great just reading this!

How to say no to chocolate and peanut butter? You Can’t!


2. Honey Apricot Granola Square

Honey apricot granola squares


Nothing beats a classic, made with an awesome blend of all natural ingredients like dried apricots, cranberries, flaxseeds, almonds and sunflower seeds. This is your go-to pick-me-up for all the awesome things you’re doing – life-saving, report writing, travelling, cardio training, laundry, dog-walking. Yup, just about everything 🙂

Fan of the classics? This one is for you.


3. Kaya Butter Granola Square

Kaya butter granola square

The quintessential Singapore breakfast item now condensed into a bag-handy square. We love kaya so much that we had to take a healthy spin at it with the addition of almonds, pumpkin seeds, and sunflower seeds for a dash of protein boost. For the morning rush hour, grab a square of handy kaya goodness and more!

If you can’t live without kaya, we’ve got you covered.


So, which flavour will you go for? Whichever, know that it’s always the right angles with our granola squares. 😉

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