Healthy or not, curry puff?

In this special weekly series by Boxgreen, we bring you our ratings (nutritionist approved) of a couple of local Singaporean yums.


Here is this week’s #BGSOTW (BoxGreen’s Snack of the Week)…


Curry puff


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Why so MEH!?

Did you know that the amount of calories in curry puff equals to a plate of wanton mee or chicken porridge? And it’s pretty bad calories because there’s almost 10g of saturated fat in it, which is almost at our daily recommend limit of 16g. That’s not all, it’s super salty too and high in fat.

Total calories in one piece: 340kcal


Healthier alternatives

  1. Get healthy fats from a handful of nut mixes
  2. Chicken pau


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Healthy or not, mee chiang kueh?

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