Budget christmas gift ideas every foodie will die for

To put it simply, I’m writing my Christmas wish-list on here and then I’ll shamelessly post it on Facebook (hint hint). Here’s some stuff (both edible and non-edible) that are better than mugs and plain old Christmas cards.


Local delights money pouch $10.90 


Picture credits: https://www.facebook.com/nomnomplush/photos/a.1732926036941767.1073741828.1726300244271013/1858427734391596/?type=3&theater

10000% guilt free treats that you can keep forever! The food will even jingle if you stuff it with coins! The best way to give it? Add some coins in it and sing *Jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way~* Get it from Nom Nom Plush


Roti prata motion postcard


Picture credits: http://souvenirs.sg/products/ss41-roti-prata-motion-postcard

The prata really moves!!! See him work his magic here


Limited edition Xmas box $12


Why settle for one flavour when you can have four?! The best part – you can personalise a message on it and get it delivered. So put back that precious moments cup and get this delicious gift that’s both cute and practical – all in one! Get it here


Foodie journal $29.90


Picture credits: kikki-k

Define your food journey with this all-in one food journal! List down the cafes you’ve visited, places you want to try, and your top 10 desserts you’ve ever had! (YES I love food to the extent that I’ll document my food journey). Get it here.


Fatspo sticker pack $9.90


Picture credits: Kumo doodles instagram

15 different types of food you can keep forever for just 9.90. Other than this fatspo pack, they also have a makan and a sushi pack. SO COOL! I own some myself and absolutely LOVE it. Get them at Kumo Doodles


Yong Tau Foo earrings $7yong-tau-foo-earrings

Picture credits: https://www.megafash.com/collections/gokudera/products/yong-tau-foo-earrings

Dare your friend to buy Yong Tau Foo wearing this. The catch? Take a thumbs up picture pointing to the yong tau foos! Buy it here


Final destination mofo chilli $12


Picture credits: https://www.instagram.com/p/BGT6yznpmCK/?taken-by=mofochili

Ready for the absolute spicy level challenge? It’s probably more spicy than the spicy Korean noodle?! Get it here


Your foodie friend will love you.


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