Drinking cold water vs warm water, which is better?

When I was a kid, my mum would never let us put more than 2 ice cubes into our water. She said ‘if you add more you will get asthma!’. I obediently obeyed. But now that I’m a ‘proper’ grown up and am able to question the ways of the world, I’ve decided to find out if there was actually some truth in her words after all.


Are you drinking enough water?


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Chances are, highly unlikely. But nope, this isn’t going to be one of those posts that’s like 1., water is good for… and so on. If drinking water is too much of a hassle, maybe this guy’s account on a 30 day water gallon challenge could change your mind (or not)


Seriously, drink both!

Collection of Glass with water and ice isolated on white, Clipping Path

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They’re both good for you. It’s like how it’s bad to eat chilli when you have a stomachache but it’s good for you if you don’t as it has antioxidant properties.


Drink cold water when you exercise

drinking water

Drinking cold water after exercising in the heat helps cool you down. A study has also found that drinking cold water helped to improve standing broad jump performance of athletes (if only knew it during Secondary school!). But don’t go overboard by drinking reaaally ice cold water! Cool water is the best.


Drink cold water to burn calories


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It’s not a joke. Your body has to work to bring the cold water to its body temperature, and each cold glass of water burns an additional 8 calories. A study in the US has found that drinking ice water increases the body’s metabolism by 30%


Drink warm water when you’ve flu


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Sniffing a lot from a bad flu? Add a slice of lemon into your warm drink to soothe the cold. It helps to relieve phlegm too!


Drink warm water to help with digestion 


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Traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurveda promotes having warm water when you waking up and during your meals to improve digestion. So that’s why hot Chinese tea is always served at Chinese restaurants!


Drink warm water to relieve period cramps


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‘I woke up this morning and I just hated everything’. We can’t get rid of periods but we can pamper ourselves. Perhaps a nice warm glass of water and a guilt-free chocolatey brittle?

P.S Don’t drink warm tea and cold water. World War III will erupt


Just keep drinking drinking drinking


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Moral of the story: drink more water!!! It’s more important than the type of water you drink.


Are you up for the challenge?



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