Drinking a little every day vs only on weekends, which is healthier?

Basically, no alcohol is out of the question; so now we have to decide how often should we drink and how much should we drink each time.

Actually, the answer is very straight forward: Drinking a little on a daily basis trumps being sober during work week, only to get crazy on the weekend.



Yes, binge drinking is always bad.

We’re sorry party people, being good all week, only to get trashed on Friday night… That doesn’t work. Heavy drinking – even only for a single night – can wreck your body!

  1. Binge drinking can cause higher risks for liver disease, which will in turn damage other organs in your body.
  2. More regrettable behaviours *clears throat* , accidents, sleeping issues, memory problems, or alcohol addiction.
  3. Drinking a substantial amount in a relatively short time period can lead to alcohol poisoning/overdose, coma, or in the worst case scenario: death. – cues dramatic music –

How much is considered too much?

You would have been binge drinking if you pound four (girl) or five (guy) drinks in under two hours. And you may be hitting that threshold more often than you realize!

One standard drink is equivalent to about 35oml of regular beer, 150ml of wine, and 45ml of hard liquor. Yea, that’s right. 350ml — that’s not even 1 pint of beer! The world is indeed cruel…


Is alcohol entirely bad for me, then?

Great news, despite controversy, there’s plenty of research saying that alcohol could actually be good for you. That said, less is definitely more. Having one or half a drink regularly does seem to reduce the risk for heart attack, stroke, and diabetes. One study even suggests that drinking moderately can help protect against dementia! And most importantly… having a single glass of wine (but no more) may make you appear more attractive to other people – seriously, we did not just made that up ourselves!


The Bottom Line

Drink responsibly and moderately (one drink a day for women, two drinks for men) and avoid binge drinking entirely, whenever possible. The more important thing is to know your own body well! Before popping the bottle, consider your alcohol tolerance as well as your family health history.


Though drinking responsibly might mean differently to different people.


drink moderately


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