Insanely easy snacks for lazy people


Don’t worry, none of us (almost) inherited our Ah Ma’s cooking skills from the Gods. How did she make that fish head curry and OMG, that yummy Tau Pok! But it’s okay, we can also make atas looking snacks effortlessly that would certainly wow her (or give her a good laugh/frown).


Peanut butter and banana bites


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What Ah Ma would say: ‘What is this ang moh pizzahh?’

What it actually is: Wholewheat tortilla wrap with creamy peanut butter and banana. Mmmm so easy and so good!


Apple granola burger


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What Ah Ma would say: ‘Your apple cut wrongly… come Ah Ma teach you!’

What it actually is: Sliced apple with a layer of nut butter and flavoured granola. Fancy a milo dino granola?


Cheesey pretzel sticks


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What Ah Ma would say: ‘This can eat or not?’

What it actually is: Cheddar cheese wrapped around slices of ham with a pretzel stick.


Matcha granola yogurt ice-cream

ice cream recipe

What Ah Ma would say: ‘How come the ice-cream green colour?’

What it actually is: Super easy 10 minute homemade matcha ice-cream, topped with peanut pretzel muddy bites. Seriously, try it here!


Microwave omelette with tomatoes, cheese and some greens


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What Ah Ma would say: ‘Stop stop don’t cook eggs in the microwave the whole house will burn!’

What it actually is: Scrambled eggs in a mug. Top it up with some crunch like a naked protein mix.

P.S. I assure you it’s safe in the microwave, so do it when Ah Ma isn’t looking 😛 Recipe here.


Exquisite dark chocolate buttons 


What Ah Ma would say: ‘ Ah Ma make Goji soup for you, you don’t eat the Goji!’

What it actually is: What is Godiva when you can make your own cute chocolate buttons? Melted dark chocolate with rejuvenation topper. Video recipe here

P.S. The dried Goji berry is good with this mmmm.


Chocolate banana oat balls


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What Ah Ma would say: ‘Why this fishball look like that?’

What it actually is: Mashed bananas rolled with oats, chocolate chips, and nuts. It’s a great post workout snack as it’s full of protein and fibre!



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Now you can go ahead and surprise your ah ma! Or maybe wow her till her jaw drops with these Ah-Ma-zing looking foods

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