Employer’s Handbook to Employee Well-being (20 Engagement Ideas)

Employer. Team manager. Human Resources. Let’s face it, your job isn’t easy. If it’s safe to say, you’re concerned with employee engagement and retention. Although you mainly have this to focus on, it’s a tough job as you are dealing with humans. That’s the tricky part. Humans have feelings and each one comes along with different personalities and responses. So you have to deal with each one differently. The bigger the company, the bigger the differences. It’s your job to align the differences to the company culture.

No one said that it’ll be a smooth road in doing this, especially with a rising trend of employees getting tired of work easily. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of years workers spend at a job is expected to half in the coming years. So how do you beat this trend? How do you keep your star players? Without further ado, here are 20 ideas to keep your workers engaged and motivated.

1. Stick to the company culture

A company culture has been set for a reason, let’s stick to it. It sets everyone on the right note. Reminding your workers of this helps your workers work with this in mind and moves everyone in the same direction. With this, conflicts are minimised and workers are able to forge better relationships with their coworkers. This trickles down to create a more productive and cohesive team.

2. A vision for the team

Set a vision for the team and clear goals to reach that ultimate vision. This gives your workers something to work towards to. Maybe you could schedule a general meeting for everyone, to ensure that everyone is clear and on the same page for this. From then after, have quarterly meetings to see if your team is on track.

3. Wellness programs


pilates class

Here’s an important part to the whole portion of understanding the well-being of the workers. The top contributing factor to why people quit their jobs is stress. As such, wellness programs are put in place for workers to feel less stressed at work. Don’t implement wellness programs for the sake of doing them. Rather, put in the effort to find out what your workers are looking out for. It could be getting a yoga instructor to come in bi-weekly or discounts for gym memberships.

In any case, think it through from their point of view. There’s a term called ‘empathetic leadership’ and this has proven to be a useful and essential skill. Essentially, it’s about leading and taking action with the perspective of a worker. You can check out why empathetic leaders are successful here.

4. Healthy office pantry


healthy snacking
healthy snacking

Invest in healthy snacks for your workers! It’s not only a better replacement for the junk food but it encourages your workers to lead a healthier lifestyle as well. With healthy employees, you have more productive employees. In fact, people work better when they snack. Click here to find out why!

5. Celebrate little milestones

Did someone get an all-time new record for sales? Did someone clinch a huge client deal? Celebrate the little moments in life together! Happy hour seems like the best time to bond with your workers. Take this opportunity to know them better.

6. Recognise good work

Give credit and praise where it’s due! It really helps and encourages them. It makes them realise the importance of their work and have a greater sense of achievement. By praising them, you help them see meaning in the work they do. In fact, psychology studies have shown that a good ratio for feedback is 3 positive to 1 negative. So next time you want to give a harsher feedback, be sure to offset it with 3 positive ones!

7. Retreats

It may sound cheesy but they can be very fun and meaningful for everyone. Be sure to tick everything off this checklist before you go ahead with it!

  • Budget
  • Location
    • Transportation
    • Accommodation
  • Activity
    • Attractions
    • Team-bonding games
    • Aligned with company culture
  • Logistics

8. Listen to the voices of the people

Have an open communication system. Communication is not a one-way traffic, you have to give them the chance to voice out. They have their own concerns, opinions, ideas and feedbacks too. Don’t just listen to them passively, be sure to act on them too. Once they’ve realised that their words matter to the company, they’re more likely to have a greater sense of belonging to the company.

9. Perks of being an employee

Make sure that you have these essentials!

  • Insurance
  • Bonuses
  • Paid sick leave
  • Parental leave
  • Company retreats
  • Tuition reimbursement
  • Employee discounts
  • Remote working

10. Emphasise work-life balance

chill work vibes
chill work vibes

Emphasising the importance of work-life balance ensures that your workers do not get burnt out. Burning out is a common phenomenon and is a contributing factor to poor customer retention. It also helps them understand that you see them as human beings. It helps them understand that you value them as a person who has a life outside of work.

11. Responsible delegation

Assign them the right amount of work to do. This isn’t an easy task, that’s why you are tasked to do this. You should know best. Take the time to know the strengths and weaknesses of your workers. Give them what they can handle, what they’re interested in or perform best in. Don’t overload your star players but don’t under-assign the remaining team too. Each member should feel that they are important and responsible for something. This way, they’ll have a greater sense of belonging once they’ve completed their assigned task.

12. Make your Work Fulfilling

willing hearts
volunteering at willing hearts

Volunteering could be something you could introduce to the whole team. This could be retreat idea! Or you could let them know that a portion of the company sales go to serving a greater purpose. This way it makes them feel that their work is meaningful and that there’s a purpose. Giving you a little idea; we have a ‘one box = one meal’ system here at boxgreen, maybe you could go somewhere along those lines.

13. Do not Micromanage

Try to avoid this at all cost. You don’t ever want your workers to feel like you are a dictator and that they’re suppressed. Additionally, it makes your workers feel trusted and supported when their every move isn’t managed. As such, they will be more courageous and will dare to go beyond with their ideas. By giving them space to work, you’re giving them space to be creative and more productive.

14. Incentives

Give them goals with incentives. Free tickets to the movies? Sponsored yoga class? It acts as a motivation and could help them be more invested in their work. It’s always fun when there’s a little competition or challenge.

15. Bring your own food

healthy lunch
healthy lunch

Here’s our original idea! The interns here at boxgreen have made alternate days of the week ‘Bring Your Own Food Days’. This encourages healthy living amongst workers. More importantly, it adds a little element of fun to work as you have to prepare the food beforehand. It gives them something to look forward to as well.

16. Lunch & Learn

You could invite a guest speaker to the office during lunchtime every month. It could be an inspirational speaker, mindfulness specialist or someone who can value-add in terms of skill set. Sometimes, workers need a new perspective to push on at work.

17. Event Planning Leaders

Assign leaders for team events like colleague’s birthday celebrations or retreats. You don’t have to do all of these yourself! In fact, you could assign I/Cs for these events. For example, someone in-charge of food, another for activities and another for logistics. Once again, it’s about having them feel responsible and that they belong in this team.

18. Office designs

happy you, happy life
happy you, happy life

This is our favourite part! Designing the office can be so much fun. We’re not suggesting that you make drastic renovation plans for the office. Rather, you could make tiny tweaks to make the office more aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. Maybe it’s adding stand-up desks or rearranging the office pantry. Our little suggestion is that you add an encouragement board somewhere in the office. Workers will then be able to spur each other on and add colour to the office as well. Nobody wants to work in a dull, cramped and messy office. Make sure the office is clean and organised all the time!


19. Mental health leave


This isn’t something to neglect! Do give your team the time and space needed to breathe and recalibrate. Make sure that your response to their request is appropriate don’t sound cynical or brush it off but rather be encouraging.


20. Personal goals

Set aside a day to sit down with your workers to do personal goal-setting (if haven’t already done so). Let them vocalise their goals and be sure to take note of them. Help them achieve their goals in whatever ways you can to enable them. After which, you should meet them monthly to check on their progress and steps to take from there on.

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