Food trends: rainbow food

OHMEGOSH! Unicorn food! *inserts extremely bimbo-tic voice* I’m a huge sucker for colours and interesting looking food. Rainbow foods? I’m completely… captivated.


Unicorn melted cheese sandwich



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The cheese wasn’t the only thing that melted. My heart… I just can’t. But erm, I’m not sure if I’ll want to eat it because grilled ham and cheese sandwich FTW!


Swirly rainbow bagels


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The original rainbow bagel first started in a small neighbourhood at Brooklyn and customers queue for as long as 3 hours for it. It got to the point that a nearby cafe poked at it with a sign that read ‘Now serving rainbow egg sandwiches – just kidding!’


Rainbow sushi rolls


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Oh dear, it seems that even Japanese food isn’t spared. It actually looks deliciously edible.


Rainbow cakes


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The best thing the rainbow ever splashed on!!! It’s not just spongecake and frosting, it’s RAINBOW spongecake and frosting.


Rainbow smoothies


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This is what they mean by eating your colours. Layers of blueberry, strawberry, mango, avocado smoothies are what we NEED in this hot weather.


Rainbow parfait


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Here’s one rainbow food you can actually make. If I were to post this picture on instagram, it’ll be ‘I’ll faint if I had to part with my parfait’.

Video recipe here


Rainbow pasta


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Erm… How about NO. I’m not having my carbonara on this.


Nonya kueh lapis


We started the rainbow trend way before everyone else did. It was always either Team ‘peel off each layer of kueh lapis’ or Team ‘I will bite the whole thing’. Which were you?


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