FREE adorable gift tags for Christmas! (*with download link)

Gift tags template


Many of you love our illustrations for our website, so we decided to design some cute Christmas themed gift tags as part of our 12 days Christmas giveaways!

If you like them you can download them at the bottom of this post. 🙂


DIY gift tags

Christmas gift tags

What you need

  1. Printer and paper
  2. Scissors
  3. Hole Puncher
  4. Twine or string



Download our gift tags from the link below. Print (recommended: A4 size) and cut them along the dotted line. Punch a hole with a hole puncher and tie it to your gifts with a pretty ribbon or nice string!


We really hope you like this little gift from us. We had so much fun creating them for you (and using them ourselves hehe).

You may use it for your Christmas gifts, cards, parties… anything! Just remember to take a photo and tag us on social media if you ever did use them. (Find us at @boxgreenc0)


Download link: click here



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