Healthy breakfast under $3 you can get before work

Do you feel the pain of paying over $15 for a plate of something along the lines of ‘The Ultimate Breakfast Sourdough with Scrambled Eggs and Smoked Ham’? They’re in fact, just atas looking grass (greens), eggs, bread and two pieces of ham. Of course, once in a blue moon is fine, but often? Nah. Here’s some healthy breakfast food ideas that will help you save a buck or two (or more).

Tau Huey Less Sugar

Tau Huay

Tau Huey works anytime and anywhere. I love a bowl of tabao-ed warm tau huey on a rainy day and a chilled one on sunny days. The best part – it keeps me filled up for the entire morning because of its high protein content, and its low in calories (if you’re mindful of the sugar syrup).

Idli with Chutney


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This is one dish that will satisfy your savoury cravings in the morning. In case you didn’t already know, Idli is made of the same ingredients used to make Thosai (black lentils and rice), steamed and paired with chutney on the side. You can find it easily at the Indian stall, otherwise, you could also pair Thosai with chickpeas for a savoury breakfast.



This is essentially a Chinese wrap that you don’t have to pay an extremely premium price for. Plus, you get to add that delicious chilli sauce in, unlike those pricy $10 wraps at salad stalls.



Nothing like a hearty bowl of porridge to wake you up. If you don’t have the privilege of a hawker center or coffee shop near your workplace, pop by Mr Bean’s for their Soya Porridge. It’s cooked with rice, millet grains and… soya milk! Yay to an interesting porridge combination.

Subway’s Ham, Egg, and Cheese Flatbread 

Picture Credits: Subway

Cold triangle sandwiches in boxes can’t beat this freshly toasted flatbread combined with the best morning breakfast combination the world has ever created – ham, egg, and cheese!

Vegetable Bao

veg bao

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Vegetables, as we all know, are rich in all the good vitamins and minerals, but it may be strange to have it zi char styled for breakfast. Combine it all in a pao for a not-so-strange, yummy combination. If you’re still hungry, grab a handful of healthy nuts or soy bean milk for protein to keep you full.

Soft boiled eggs 


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Instead of heading to Yakun or ToastBox, get one or two soft boiled eggs from the drink stall uncle at the coffee shop or Kopitiam. You could try dipping a slice of wholemeal bread in the bowl of eggs, and this helps you to be more mindful of the amount of soy sauce when you’re adding.

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