The forever broke Singaporean guide to healthy eating

As Singaporeans, our job is to eat, eat, and eat all day everyday! There’s so much food marketing around us and oftentimes healthy food markets itself as expensive. But it’s soooo not true healthy food is expensive. Want healthy food at $5 or less? Let me show you how.


What does it mean to eat healthy?


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If you think eating healthy looks like the picture, you’re right and wrong at the same time. Veggies and meat, sure that’s healthy but this is why people think that healthy eating is expensive – I mean, look at all these fancy looking, $15 dishes.


Being healthy means having a balanced meal 80% of the time


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A balanced meal is made up of 50% veggies, 25% lean meat and 25% high fibre grains like brown rice, wholemeal bread or quinoa. So it doesn’t matter what kind of food you get, as long as you have this variety, you’re already eating healthy! Ah but don’t go deep frying everything 😉


Where do I get healthy food?

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Two ways:

  1. If you’re very very broke, or you love to cook, cook it yourself!
  2. If you’re just a little broke, or you can’t cook for nuts, choose some healthier options when you eat out.


Forever broke guide to preparing your own meals

Cheapest foods in the supermarket


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A lot of times cheaper foods are more nutritious than expensive ones. Here’s some quick food swaps!




Skip the $6 asparagus, go for the Kang Kong (spinach). It’s higher in folate (vitamin B9) and costs 3 times lesser.




Skip the $12 salmon, go for the canned tuna in olive oil. I personally like the healthy symbol Ayam Brand ones. It’s only $2.65 and the nutritional value is comparable to salmon.


Rice and grains


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Skip the $20 organic brown rice, go for cheaper options. The Golden Phoenix is just $3.70 for a kg. That for a month’s worth of meals.




Skip the boring $11 bag of plain almonds, go for a variety of snacks in portion controlled servings (so you won’t pile on the calories!)


What to cook???

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No need to crack your brains because here’s a budget Monday to Friday meal plan for you.


Forever broke girl’s guide to eating out


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For breakfast, these are some options below $3.

For lunch and dinner, the hawkers and food courts are the place to go to for affordable and healthy food.


What to eat?


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I personally often have food from the economical rice because I’ll get to choose brown rice, greens, and meat. On other days I have fish soup and the $4.99 awesome salad at cold storage. If that’s not what you like, how about these healthier options?


Go eat, be happy, healthy and merry! 



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