Complete list of healthy lunch delivery in Singapore for busy days

Walk into a foodcourt and you’d be hard pressed to find something healthy other than Yong Tau Fu or brown rice with some oily vegetables. Let’s not forget the long lunchtime queues and days we don’t have time to get lunch. We made life a little easier for you and sourced for some healthy and delicious lunch deliveries in Singapore!


grain sg

Picture Credits: Grain

Fancy fine dining out of a takeout box? You’ll never be disappointed with Grain’s gourmet selection of premium dishes, each carefully crafted by their star chefs. Ooh, just thinking about their Cilantro and Lime Rice, and Dragon Well Basil Rice makes our tastebuds tingle.

Price Range: $10.95 – $12.95

Delivery Fee: Free at Grain Hotzone pickup points (Marina Bay, Raffles Place, Tanjong Pagar, Newton, Suntec, Outram, Orchard) $3 delivery fee at grain Hotzones and $6.50 outside the Hotzones

Nutrition Information: Listed

Lean Bento

lean bento

Picture Credits: Lean Bento

Itadakimasu! Lean Bento brings you a slice of Japan with their Japanese inspired selections like Sesame Teriyaki Salmon with Pasta Bento and Mushroom Shoyu Chicken Donburi Bento. You’ll get a balance of lean meat, complex carbohydrates like wholegrain rice and pasta, and greens. Guess what, it’s halal too!

Price Range: $11.90 – $13.90

Delivery Fee: Under Review

Nutrition Information: Listed



Picture Credits: Fit Three

Lunch is covered for a week though FitThree’s 3 day or 5 day meal packages. If you are a gym goer, this is definitely the meal for you as each meal comes with a quality source and good amount of protein on top of other important nutrients. Each dish is carefully created with their in-house chefs and dietitian. Seriously, go put on some gains with these meals!

Price: $12.90

Delivery Fee: Free Pickup at Selected Gyms or $4 – 7 elsewhere in Singapore.

Nutrition Information: Listed here

Fitness Ration

fitness ration

Picture Credits:

Talk about convenience! Get a bundle of meals for the whole week or two (don’t worry, there are no added preservatives or additives as meals undergo a strict blast freezing process). Choose your type of meal based on gender and fitness goals (weight loss or strength) from options such as Torched Miso Salmon and Authentic Char Siew Chicken Fillet. Umm, isn’t Char Siew Pork…?

Price Range: $59.90, $114 and $171 (for a bundle of 5, 10, 15 respectively)

Delivery Fee: $10

Nutrition Information: Listed here

AMGD (Ahhmahgawd)


Picture Credits: AMGD

There’s nothing like the taste of home. We got to know them because of their salted egg prawn salad. Mmm! We love that their meals take on a local twist, such as marinated squid stuffed with otak otak and a chicken satay salad. AMGD, or also known as Ahhmahgawd gave their dishes really interesting names like Raining Kisses and Kor Kor.

Price Range: First meal at $15. Subsequently – $45, $70, $130, $240 for meal credits (3, 5, 10, 20 meals)

Delivery Fee: Free anywhere in Singapore!

Nutrition Information: Not listed. But you can’t go wrong with just greens and lean meat

Good Food Heals: The Probiotic Bar

Good food heals

Picture Credits: Good Food Heals

Go with your guts (literally) with these probiotic rich meals! They’re so colourful it’s such a joy to look at, and you’ll get your fill of about 5 – 6 types of ingredients in a dish. There are meals for glowing skin a metabolism boost, and detox, and they have a range of probiotic superfoods like kimchi, Japanese plum citrus tomato, beet apple slaw, etc. you can get in a jar. Yay to Kimchi all day erryday!

Price Range: $11.80 – $13.80

Delivery Fee: $3 through deliveroo or $16 online (for purchases below $50).

Nutrition Information: Not listed. But as a nutritionist, I definitely approve.

Do Si Rak

do si rak

Picture Credits: Do Si Rak

OMG, it’s an explosion of flavours! You can’t not love Bibimbap. Create your own Do Si Rak by choosing a base(brown rice, red cabbage, cauliflower rice), top it up with vegetables and meat, and shake it up with their ‘top secret’ sauce. Here is one meal you’ll gobble all the greens up willingly (yes, we’re talking about all the take-out-the-peas-from-fried-rice people)

Price Range: $7.90 – $14.90

Delivery Fee: $3 through Food Panda. Delivery option is not available on their webpage

Nutrition Information: Listed for some items.



Espresso Pork Loin Ribs Salad. Doesn’t that sound fantastic?! Spinacas is a salad specialty store which pride themselves in using only whole, natural, unprocessed foods, and greens packed with lots of vitamins and minerals. We love that they don’t use sinful creamy dressings so it’s all au natural!

Price Range: $9 – $17

Delivery Fee: $4 – $6 (based on location)

Nutrition Information: Listed here

Yolo Food

yolo food

Picture credits:

YOLO. You only have one life to live your goals, and that’s probably how their hashtag, #EATYOURGOALS, came about. These guys are here to show you how delish healthy foods are. They created nutritionist approved meals such as Prawn Pad Thai, Kale Pesto Pasta, Salmon Quinoa Burger, and so on. Check them out and YOLO away! #EATYOURGOALS #FOODSPORATION #YOLO

Price Range: $9.50 – $15.90

Delivery Fee: From $3 (min $15)

Nutrition Information: Listed here order here

Maki San

maki san

Picture Credits:

You’ve probably heard of Maki San, but did you know that they deliver too? YAS! Long gone were the days we were limited to pizzas and McDelivery. DIY your sushi or choose from their menu (Keep on Shrimpin’, Californian Dreaming). If rice isn’t your thing, there are Japanese inspired salads too.

Price Range: $7.90 – $11.90

Delivery Fee: $4 (min order $30)

Nutrition Information: Not listed. A healthier option would be to choose a brown rice base with some greens and protein.

Dying of hunger and need an instant fix? Healthy snacks to the rescue!

Box Green

Delivery services are great and all, but the wait for the food to arrive is such a killer. Have something light like these snacks to kill some time before the food comes. They’re healthy and low in calories! Take your time to munch on them slowly, savouring each bite with every crunch. Nomz!

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