You need to walk from Tampines to Jurong to burn off this mooncake

I’m not even kidding. That’s about 28.9km, which would take you (according to Google Maps), 6 hours and 2 minutes. How about…

no meme

Ain’t nobody got the time for that. The amount you spend walking will burn about 850 calories, and that’s an entire traditional single yolk mooncake.


OKOK, I suppose I have shocked you enough. But no one actually eats an entire mooncake right? This probably looks more like what you’ll have.

cut mooncake

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It’s close to 180 calories, which is a half an hour jog. That’s not too bad.

Which mooncake is the lowest in calories?

mooncake calories

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Generally, mooncakes with pastes are lower and mooncakes with more egg yolks are higher in calories.


How to choose a mooncake with the lowest calories?

Step 1: Check the type of skin


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The traditional baked ones and snowskin types are lower in calories than the flaky ones.


Step 2: Read the ingredient list

ingredient list

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The first ingredient is always the highest, followed by the second highest and so on. So if sugar is the first thing you see on the label… time to run far far! The ones with lower sugar and lesser ingredients are a better option.


Step 3: Check the expiry date

expiry date

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The longer the date, the more nasty stuffs like trans fat and preservatives they add. Try to stay away from those!


Step four: Cut it into 1/8 slices


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Which makes one serving of it (1/8 slice) at 100 calories. See, you could still have your favourite mooncake with this simple calorie cutting method!


Step five: How to not eat the entire mooncake


Snack on something nutritious first like a high protein or fiber snack to keep you a little more filled so you won’t binge on half a mooncake (ugh, that’s like walking from Orchard to Jurong).

Here’s some ideas on how you can snack without the guilt!


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