Hot Weather – What should you eat or NOT eat?

“Hot weather? What are you talking about?” Yes, no worries we are aware that the weather in Singapore is hot 24/7. This list is meant for those particularly sweltering heat waves we have, especially in summer. That summer body can’t be sculpted if you aren’t taking care of your health to begin with. What exactly to eat and avoid on unbearably hot days? Here are our recommendations:


  1. Salad

    Salad with fresh egg, avocado and toast

    Fresh salad. It’s absolutely refreshing on a hot day. Our little secret is to leave it in the fridge to the very moment you decide to eat. Keeping it cool all the way. If you find it boring to just eat a normal salad, try switching it up with fruit salads! It’s important for us to have 8 cups of water a day and don’t whack it all at once. This is because our kidneys won’t be able to maintain the electrolyte balance and would eventually affect your blood pressure. As such, we believe fruit salads are the best for summer, to keep you hydrated at all times. Here’s a link to a really interesting way to go about making your fruit salads. It comes with an instructional video, hope it helps!


    Fruit Bowl

    Some of the fruits and vegetables that are a great source of water are:

    • Strawberries
    • Watermelon
    • Pineapples
    • Mangos
    • Cucumber
    • Celery
    • Lettuce 
  2. Spicy food

    Spicy Food

    Fighting fire with fire? Yes. The interesting thing about chilli and spices are that they are thermogenic foods. Thermogenic literally means ‘to generate thermal energy/heat’. These foods will increase your body temperature from within, starting your metabolism. This promotes sweating, which has a cooling effect.


  3. Slushies/Smoothies

    Fruit Smoothies

    Smoothies or slushies, whichever you want to call it. Cooling drinks! This is especially amazing on a hot sunny day at the beach. Here are 50 smoothie recipes you can try at home!


  4. Cold Noodles

    Japanese Cold Soba

    The concept of cold noodles is the same as cooling drinks/salads. Soba to cold pasta to Korean naengmyeon, you name it. Let us know your favourite cold noodles option in the comments section!


  1. Coffee & Tea

    Coffee, Tea or ?

    It’s tough, I know. Some of us require a cup of coffee or tea to function for the rest of the day and not having it would absolutely crush us. However, these are diuretic products that flush water out of our body. And we don’t want to dehydrate ourselves in the hot weather.


  2. High in Protein Food

    High Protein Meals: Chicken Breast, Eggs, Lean Beef, Tuna & Broccoli

    This is unique. How does eating protein matter? Well, the digestion of protein actually requires a lot more effort from the body. This creates heat and this process is called thermogenesis, which literally translates to “generate heat”. In the hot weather, I don’t think you want to generate heat from within to add on from the external heat. This type of thermogenesis is different from the kind that spicy food provides as it won’t help you sweat.

Hope this helps in surviving the hot weather!



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