How harmful is microwave, actually?

I’m sure you’ve heard of people warning you about the use of microwave, yet it’s one of the most commonly owned and used kitchen appliance. Even in restaurants! These days, restaurants rely heavily on microwaves to heat your food. Are you starting to worry now? Or is it too late…? 😉


what are microwaves, seriously?

Microwaves are a type of electromagnetic radiation. Wait what!? Radiation..?? If what comes to your mind is the harmful effects of a nuclear disaster, read on! Microwaves are a type of non-ionizing radiation, just like radio waves, sound waves and visible light rays. Unlike ionizing radiation which are known to cause cancer, non-ionising radiation generate energy that is too low to bring about such harmful effects.

why do some people still avoid microwave food?

People hear rumours, that’s why. The microwave was never the problem, what people use to contain their food was. It’s the evil plastic that some people are using that are causing people to deem microwave a bad form of heating/cooking food. Such plastic when heated, would transfer certain unwanted chemicals to food, which is known as leaching. Eww.. you love to have chemicals in your food? If not, NEVER use plastic utensils to microwave food ever again.

You may say, “There’s microwave safe plastic!” But really, no plastic is absolutely safe from leaching. Such plastic are just hardier than others, and therefore does not leach as easily. They still leach some amount so why risk it? Use a glass or ceramic ware instead the next time.


so should i still use the microwave oven?

Yes, because it’s not that harmful after all, if you use it correctly. People who experience headache and nausea from being exposed to microwaves are due to the effects of unshielded microwaves. Have you ever experienced a headache from talking on the phone for too long? Now you know why. But have you ever experienced headache from operating a microwave oven. I doubt so.

The microwave oven that you have sitting on your kitchen table is safer than you ever thought it was. If you manage to buy it off the shelves, it definitely has heavy-duty shielding that keeps you safe from unshielded microwaves. What more, it has a cut-off device which automatically stops the generation of microwave energy the moment you open the door. So… no worries!


are there any benefits of using the microwave?

Yes, definitely plenty.

lesser cooking time. Compared to a traditional gas burner, it can cook/heat something way faster. Faster cooking, more energy savings. (we’re helping out Mother Earth here, hurray!)

preserves nutrients. Let’s be real. All sorts of cooking methods will destroy some amount of vitamins and nutrition. Be it steaming, frying or baking. But because a microwave oven takes a shorter time to cook, and never ever gets your food burn, there is less deterioration of nutrients.

extreme convenience. For busy individuals likes us, we’re always looking for convenience and that’s what it brings about. You may heat up your leftovers from yesterday dinner, or get delicious crunchy broccoli in a few minutes. Fast and healthy food? I’m in!

So… the microwave isn’t that harmful after all right? Let us know what you think!





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