recipe: greek yogurt milo mousse

Milo mousse over milo peng?


Prep time: 15 mins

½ cup low fat milk
40g dark chocolate
1 tbsp milo powder
1 cup greek yogurt
1x Aprecano
1x Dark Chocolate Mandarin Orange Granola


1. Heat milk, chocolate, and milo powder under low heat
2. Combine the heated mixture with the greek yogurt and Aprecano
3. Refrigerate for about 2 hours
3. Serve with raspberries and granola


Other ways you can enjoy it
Soak it with oats or a pack of dark chocolate mandarin orange granola for a healthy breakfast in the morning!


Nutritionist’s healthy tips
Use low fat or skim milk and yogurt instead of heavy cream to make a chocolate mousse so you could indulge healthily!


Did you know?
Mousse is French for foam, so chocolate mousse is actually known as ‘foamy chocolate’

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