13 snacks to lug back home the next time you visit Thailand

“I’m going to Thailand again!!” said every friend who’s blessed with annual trips. Don’t we all love Thailand? (me included!) From beautiful beaches (Phuket, Koh Samui) to food and shopping heaven (Bangkok), and rich cultural and historical sites (Chiang Mai), Thailand hardly disappoints.

Yea, you’re definitely gonna enjoy yourself over there. But what to get for your friends and family back home? It wouldn’t be nice to go home with tons of your OWN shopping and nothing for them. As kind as we always are, we’ve come up with a lists of snacks you can take home for friends, family, or for your own pleasure.


#1: lays potato chips (not your boring BBQ, sour cream & onion kind)

Photo credit: tinkering around thailand

Quirky flavours such as salmon steak, scallop, hot chilli squid, sweet basil, minced pork, ready to keep you spoilt for choice. I had to give them all a try the last time i went to Thailand. Bought so much home my mum thought I was on a chips diet.


#2: pocky (or maybe some pretz or peejoy)

Photo credit: La Fleur de Vanille

Some flavours may seem common to you, but price wise, it’s too cheap to not get them. If pocky isn’t really your thing, there’s also pretz and peejoy. If you didn’t know, peejoy is the reversed version of pocky, where each stick is stuffed with fillings like chocolate/matcha. Definitely my thing.


#3: tao kai noi seaweed

Photo credit: tao kae noi

Remember when these replaced our oh so common Japanese seaweed in Singapore? It remains just as amazing today and you HAVE to get some in Thailand – it’s also way cheaper. While you’re there, check out a store dedicated to Tao Kae Noi (tao kae noi land). There’s more than just seaweed, you’ll have to experience it yourself!


#4: koh kee crispy peanuts

Photo credit: an affair with food

These peanuts are so crunchy and flavourful you wouldn’t want to bring just one back home.


#5: crispy thai crepe snack

photo credit: eats&retreats

These thai crepe snacks are to die for. If you always thought it was a street snack and you wouldn’t be able to lug them again back home, you’ve got it all wrong. They can be found in two-tiered circular containers at supermarkets. Yippee!


#6: pork floss everything (stick, rice crispies, egg rolls, cracker) 

photo credit: melysash, amazon

These are my favourite among many others (ugh I love food). Crispy egg rolls wrapped with pork floss, rice crispies topped with pork floss. Everything with pork floss just works somehow.  Like breadtalk’s best selling bread.


#7: taro fish snacks

photo credit: seriouseats

Resembling shoelaces, this fish snack is surely addictive. Never watch TV and have this at the same time. it’ll be GONE. My parents used to buy these a lot when I was young. Claimed as one of the most popular fish snack brand, I’ll sure bring some back when I get to go back to the land of smiles again.


#8: bento squid snack

photo credit: kristine ong

If you absolutely love spicy food, this one’s for you. People love this because its sweet yet spicy, and boosts a delectable crunch. Though some might find the squid smell unbearable, most people love it. What’s amazing about is that it comes in 4 different flavours, and they’re ALL spicy. *burn*


#9: durian paste

photo credit: stinkyspikes

How can a paste be eaten as a snack??? Sure you can with this tubes of durian. Some people call it durian cake as well, and may come in different packaging. Just unwrap it form its plastic, chop it into cubes, and pop it in your mouth. Nothing beats the real fruit, but this is something real special!


#10: tasto chips

photo credit: beth puliti

These wrinkle-cut chips are totally underrated. Some might even think it’s better than lays. For those who love wrinkle cut chips, these are made for you. There are many other flavours available on the shelves of supermarket and convenience stores, and it’s definitely worth a try. It’s cheap anyway, why not?


#11: enoki mushroom snack

photo credit: airfrov

Well that’s another way you can eat your greens 🙂 Although it really could never beat our shiitake mushroom chips. Hehe.


#12: vitamilk (original, double black!!)

photo credit: Oliver.L

Is soya milk too common for you? Try something new. Vitamilk double black – soya milk with black sesame and sinin rice. It may sound too healthy for you, but I promise it tastes delicious. There are even requests for these soya milk on airfrov, so get yourself some and bring some back home for others! It’s that good.


#13: crispy insects (crickets, silkworm)

Photo credits: npr

If this doesn’t bug you, then you definitely need to try one of these. I’ve personally tried silkworms (it took a ton of courage), and it was rather… interesting. You’ll know when you try it!

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