Summary of top Singapore food trends in 2016

Kiasu-ness is pretty much in our blood. We (or many of us) will queue for good food and Sephora on Black Friday. Ok, that’s besides the point. Well, now that the year is closing, let’s look back and see if you’ve tried all 11 of them to qualify as a kiasu Singaporean food hipster!!! (psst… I’ve almost tried everything shhh)


1. Salted egg yolk everything


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It’s everywhere! In ice-cream, waffles, prawns, chicken, burgers, chips, fish skin and it’s probably even eligible to qualify as our national dish. Oh thank goodness there’s not salted egg yolk drink (yet). Pretty sinful as it’s high in cholesterol but an occasional bite is fine.


2. Tarts everything


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Ah bake cheese tarts! When they first opened, boy the queue was longer than the longest snake from Nokia’s snake game. But it was AMAZING. Then there’s the Tai Cheong and other egg tarts that laid (pun intended) its shops around Singapore.


3. Korean ice kacang


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When people were done with llao llao as the go-to dessert, Bingsu swiftly took its place. Honestly, I much prefer this as you get to sit and share it with friends. It’s cheaper that way too! Read this to find out if Bingsu or llao llao is more fattening 😉


4. Healthy delivery


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The age of deliveries are here to stay. They’re such a life saver, especially if there’s only unhealthy food where you’re at. Plus there’s no temptation to finish that pack of chips when you have small portion controlled snacks!


5. Raindrop ‘cake’


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When it first appeared all over the internet, people all over Asia were probably like ‘hey that’s just agar agar right?’ But really, it’s rather cute and it jiggles… Not something you’ll go back for but it’s still worth a bite because it’s the healthiest cake you can find.


6. Cartoon themed cafes


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I attempted to queue for the Pokemon cafe when it first arrived but 30 minutes into the queue I exclaimed, ‘Nope, can’t do this’. Queues for these long cafes were up to 2 hours! It’s worth the experience if you’re a fan of these cute cartoons.


7. Eggs benedict prata


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Y’know why eggs benedict are popular? Because hollandaise sauce is made from egg yolk (surprise, surprise). Springleaf prata invented this poached eggs with ham, prata and hollandaise sauce. It’s actually one of those food trends you’ll keep going back for!


8. Healthy (expensive) bowls


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Not into food trends? Doesn’t matter. Ditch the rest and try this!! Poke bowls are supremely delicious, especially the ones with sashimi. But it also comes with a hefty price tag, especially if you have this for lunch all the time. You could also make it at home with some greens and sashimi! Create your own poke bowl here.


9. Churros, aka ‘you tiao’


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These are pretty awesome finger food! There’s all sorts of flavours, from matcha to pandan, red velvet, chocolate, etc. It’s quite unhealthy though because it’s deep fried and coated with a layer of sugar so remember to watch your portions!


10. Michelin star hawker foods


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No more waiting in long lines as the chef of HK soya sauce chicken recently opened a new air-conditioned outlet at 78th Smith street. Not sure if it’s worth the hype because I’ve not tried it myself (the queues were way too long), but you could give it a go at their new outlet!


11. Special milk teas


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For a period of time, Cun Cui He’s milk tea were all the rage and sold out at 7-11 stores, and then they got recalled… These milk teas were fun while it lasted because they’re a little too sweet for my liking. Not to mention, one cup is almost 300 calories!



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