The Ultimate List of 50 Healthy Breakfast Ideas

You’ll never run out of things to eat for… almost forever. Save this list for your everyday use!

1. Quinoa ham and cheese cups (10 mins)


These are SOOOO easy to make and it looks (and tastes) fantastic. Perfect for yourself, or if you have guests. Recipe here


2. Avocado and Egg Toast (10 mins)


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Perfect balance of carbs, protein, and healthy fats. It’ll definitely fill your morning!


3. Kaya Toast with Soft Boiled Egg

kaya toast

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With less butter, of course 🙂


4. Shredded Chicken Porridge

chicken porridge

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What could be better than waking up to a hearty warm bowl of porridge?


5. Popiah

singapore popiah

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6. Greek yogurt milo mousse

Greek yogurt + melted chocolate + milo powder + toppings. Recipe here


7. Spinach and cheddar microwave quiche (15 mins)


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Making this is easy peasy lemon squeezey. Recipe here


8. Savoury oatmeal with shiitake, egg, and spinach (12 mins)

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Like porridge, but with oats instead. Recipe here


9. Omelette with Ham, Tomatoes and Capsicum (10 mins)


Because we all love eggs.


10. Watermelon with yogurt and berries (5 mins)


For mornings you’re feeling fancy AF.


11. Milo Dino Granola with blueberries and greek yogurt (2 mins)

Yoghurt with granola

Milo granola + blueberries + yogurt for when you’re in a rush.


12. Toast with ham and eggs (5 mins)


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Nothing like a good old fashioned ham and eggs 🙂


13. Vegan blueberry flax muffins

blueberry muffins

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Who said you can’t have a muffin for breakfast? No refined flour needed. Recipe here


14. Chocolate coconut overnight oats

chocolate overnight oats

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This is really lovely, you have to try it! Here are some other ideas for overnight oats.


15. Tau Huey

Tau Huay

Picture credits: Seth Lui

Have this and some cut fruits from the kopitiam!


16. Japanese Breakfast Skillet with Miso Dressing (20 mins)

breakfast skillet

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It’s not really as complicated as you think. Recipe here


17. Tamago Kake Gohan (5 mins)

japanese rice

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Raw eggs + hot rice = heaven in a bowl. Recipe here


18. A Better Homemade Egg Mcmuffin (10 mins)

egg mcmuffin

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The one from Mcdonald’s isn’t the best. Make your own – Recipe and technique here


19. Strawberry banana oatmeal smoothie (5 mins)


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No time to sit and munch? Blend and go. Recipe here


20. Acai Bowl with mixed fruits (5 mins)

Packed with protein, fibre, and vitamins, you NEED it for breakfast.


21. Raw brownie energy bar (15 mins)


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It’s flourless, filled with protein, and healthy! Best dessert breakfast ever. Recipe here


22. PB & J waffles (5 mins)

strawberry oat waffles

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Ready made waffles + strawberry jam. Or make everything from scratch for the best taste!


23. Weetbix with low fat milk and bananas (2 mins)

weetbix with milk

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Easy peasy banana squeezy!

24. Chia coconut pudding (5 mins)

chia pudding

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chia + coconut milk + cinnamon. Recipe here


25. Ham and cheese egg roll (15 mins)

ham cheese egg

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Carb free and delish mmmm. Recipe here


26. Thosai


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Having prata every morning isn’t the healthiest of things, switch to Thosai occasionally!


27. Baked sweet potato with black beans and corn


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You’ll keep coming back for more. Recipe here


28. Breakfast bagel


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Carbs + protein + healthy fats + greens. Breakfast made perfect. Recipe here


29. Chapati


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Waaaay healthier than prata. Get it from the hawker on the way to work or stock up on it at home!


30. Fig and banana toast with almond butter (5 mins)


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Talk about yumzzzzzz.


31. Tuna wrap (10 mins)

tuna wrap

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Just canned tuna + tortilla wrap + greens. Yay to canned tuna (best invention ever!)


32. Greek yogurt pancakes and berries (15 mins)


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If you hate greek yogurt because it’s sour, then this is for you. Recipe here


33. Healthy french toast (10 mins)

healthy french toast

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Egg coated bread is hands down one of the best breakfasts ever! Recipe here


34. Sesame almond brown rice balls (30 mins)


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A ball a day keeps the doctor away 🙂 Make these ahead with this recipe


35. Almond milk with berries and seeds (5 mins)


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Almond milk + strawberries + blueberries+ sunflower + pumpkin + flaxseeds for a no brainer breakfast.


36. Chia butter toast and milk tea (5 mins)

toast with chia and apples

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Just spread peanut butter and sprinkle some chia seeds 🙂 Love that light crunch!

37. All-in-one breakfast bagel


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Smoked salmon works every time.


38. Morning workout papaya ginger shake (5 mins)

papaya shake
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Both papaya and ginger helps with digestion. Have this healthy shake for an amazing morning! Recipe here

39. Huevos Rancheros (20 mins)

Huevos Rancheros

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It’s like a Mexican version of baked eggs, with flaming spices like paprika, oregano, and some jalapenos. Recipe here


40. Corn bread pudding (40 mins)

corn bread pudding

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Sooooo delish you need to make a huge portion and have it every morning. Recipe here


41. Breakfast bread bowls (15 mins)

breakfast bread bowls

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No one said bread bowls were meant for soups. Recipe here


42. Meatloaf


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Looks complicated but it’s really just ground pork/beef, egg, and spices. Recipe here


43. Toasted coconut fruit salad with quinoa (15 mins)

quinoa fruit salad

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A refreshing start to the day! Recipe here


44. Chicky bread sandwich


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For that inner kid in you. Make it here


45. Spanish Baked Eggs & Chorizo with Steamed Sweet Corn (30 mins)

breakfast food

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For when you’re feeling rather fancy. Recipe here


46. Classic breakfast bento

breakfast bento

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It’s a classic.


47. Paleo breakfast bento


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Pack some almonds, berries, beef jerky and an egg!


48. Healthy apple muffins (30 mins)

apple muffin

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Making this is faster than it looks. Recipe here


49. Zucchini bread (50 mins)


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Cucumber bread? Why not. Yay to more sneaky fibre while tasting AAA-MAZING! Recipe here


50. Breakfast quesadillas with spinach and black beans

breakfast-quesadillas-with-scrambled-eggs-spinach-and-black-beans-recipe (1)

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Sneak some greens into your breakfast easily with this recipe

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