Is my belly a beer belly?


It’s almost the end of the year (how did time fly by so fast?!) and we all know what this means; good food, beers, presents… and a little more belly fat. Hey, we could kind of afford to be a little lax on our calories because FOOD IS LYFE (life). But wait, if you don’t want to regret a sudden ‘beer’ belly, maybe it’s better to not go too overboard XD


More than 2 glasses of beer a day = beer belly?


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A general rule is not more than 1 can of beer a day (but I’m not saying it’s good to drink everyday!) If you exceed that, then that belly you have may probably be a beer belly. BUT BUT, that belly isn’t just from beers.


Is alcohol fattening?


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Yes it is, it’s more fattening than carbs and protein. If you’re eating more calories than you’re burning everyday, then that beer belly will soon start to creep out inch by inch.


Where are all the calories from?


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Typically, 2 glasses of beer with some buffalo wings, fries and pizzas would likely amount to 1000 over calories! Yikes! So try to keep this at a minimum (hmm maybe except on Christmas day).


The alcohol calorie sheet


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For those regular drinkers out there, it’s a good idea to always think before you drink! Being mindful of what you drink could subconsciously help you drink a little lesser!


Or how about a glass of beer AND a salad?


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