A nutritionist’s guide to eating healthily with a busy lifestyle in Singapore

A meeting to rush for at 9am and a proposal to submit by 12pm. It’s almost the end of the day but the workload never seems to end! There’s no time for anything, let alone eat healthily. The truth is, eating healthily isn’t time consuming at all! What if I told you that it saves both time and money with just a little planning?! Here’s a quick two step guide to making healthier food choices.

Step One: Plan Your Week’s Worth Of Groceries (15 minutes)

grocery shopping

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Grab a notebook or whip your phone out. List down what you only need from the supermarket (it’s impossible to do that for clothes but I’m sure groceries are easier!).

It does wonders because it stops you from mindlessly picking things out on impulse, like 500 calories worth of chips. You won’t waste your time walking aimlessly or going back to get something your forgot.


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I know it’s too much of a hassle to prep food every day, so pick just two days of the week for your lunch and dinner plan (Monday & Tuesday).

Try this simple $13 grocery plan for a start:

  • Sunshine softgrain wholemeal bread
  • Tortilla wholemeal wrap
  • Nutrisoy reduced sugar soymilk
  • Fresh produce: vegetables (cabbage, cucumber, broccoli, tofu)
  • 300g boneless chicken breast

You’ll get: A week’s worth of breakfast and lunch for two days

  • Breakfast: Wholemeal bread with soymilk
  • Lunch: Wraps with your choice of steamed vegetables and chicken

If you’re new to meal prep, check out these steps to guide you through.

Can’t Be Bothered To Plan?

food delivery

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With tons of delivery services in Singapore, you’re spoilt for choice. Get your groceries delivered from Redmart, healthy food delivered from these delivery services, and healthy snacks delivered to your doorstep.

What other options do I have?

food court

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There are healthy options at the food court too, salad bars, and health food stores. Follow this plate guide when choosing your meals.

my healthy plate

Picture Credits: Health Promotion Board

A couple of food courts provide food options with the healthier choice symbol! Here are some food choices you can make:

  • Monday: Yong Tau Fu
  • Tuesday: Sliced Fish Bee Hoon Soup
  • Wednesday: Subway Turkey Sandwich With Greens and Multigrain Bread
  • Thursday: Chicken Chop with Mashed Potatoes and Salad
  • Friday: Wanton Noodles or whatever you feel like having!

Step Two: Go For A Walk & Pick A Habit To Change


Picture Credits: http://www.prevention.com/fitness/fitness-tips/14-walking-workouts-to-burn-fat-and-boost-energy

Drop off two bus stops earlier, take your dog for a walk or walk to the supermarket – whichever works, and think of just one habit you’ve always wanted to change.

Start small (like taking this walk) so you won’t feel overwhelmed. You’ll probably feel healthier when you walk, which is better than planning lazily on the bed!

List of habits 

  • I will only add one teaspoon of sugar in my drink
  • I will switch from chips to healthy snacks
  • I will eat healthily for 3 days
  • I will take a one hour walk every Sunday
  • I will share a slice of cake instead of having the whole thing
  • I will practice mindful snacking 

Here are more habit ideas 


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